About GeoGraph

What is GeoGraph?

GeoGraph is an app making location useful.

Today, your location is used in countless ways by others. GeoGraph was created to empower you to use your location for your own benefit.

Share your location with close friends. Keep track of your location. Reflect on where you've been. There are countless ways for you to take advantage of your own location, and we are building those tools.


In order to save your current location, your device must have Location enabled. For your privacy, this is always opt-in, and we cannot get your current location without your consent.

Your device most likely uses A-GPS to find your current location. This means your device relies on GNSS and wifi to locate you quickly & accurately. Please make sure that wifi is ON for the best possible experience.


GeoGraph is built with amazing tools including Leaflet. Map tiles & Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA. Nominatim Search is courtesy of MapQuest.

Contact support

Please contact us via e-mail at support@fastrobo.co or Twitter @fastrobo.